Peugeot Will Show Luxury Concept with HYbrid4 Technology

Peugeot HYbrid4 cutaway

In brief: Peugeot plans to unveil a new, luxury concept called the 5 by Peugeot at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, featuring HYbrid4 technology.

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Make/Model: 5 by Peugeot
Manufacturer: Peugeot

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The 5 by Peugeot concept uses the HYbrid4 architecture and will be a large, luxury vehicle. It will incorporate a 2.0L HDi FAP diesel engine (163bhp) under the hood and a 27kW (37bhp) electric motor in the rear. This gives a total of 200bhp, though the car can also travel all-electric at low speeds. The 5 will get a total of 62mpg (US).

While the 5 By Peugeot won't see production this year, the HYbrid4 technology will appear in the upcoming Peugeot 3008 small car in the spring of 2011.

HYbrid4 technology is a parallel architecture combining a high-efficiency diesel engine with an electric motor and a 6-speed, electronically controlled gearbox. Other innovations include a stop-start system and touch-and-go four-wheel drive on demand.

And so ...

Very interesting developments from Peugeot, though these vehicles will not likely come to the U.S.

Photo credits: Peugeot

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