Peugeot Introduces Urban Hybrid Concept Car

Peugeot HR1 concept 2
Peugeot HR1 concept
In brief: The HR1 hybrid concept car was introduced at the Paris Motor Show and features Peugeot's HYbrid4 technology using a new engine.

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Make/Model: HR1 concept Manufacturer: Peugeot

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Peugeot HR1 concept

The HR1 is a compact, crossover-styled concept using a newly designed 3-cylinder, 1.2L THP gasoline engine in the front and rear-axle electric motor combination.

The engine puts out 81kW (144lb-ft) and is part of Peugeot's new family of 3-cylinder engines under development for their downsizing strategy. Coupled with a 27kW motor, the engine's drive system has a potential power of 108kW at 67mpg efficiency. Peugeot HR1 concept

The ultra-compact design (total length of 3.69m) of the HR1 also includes electrically-controlled gullwing doors that raise directly upwards for easier access in restricted-space areas such as indoor garages.

And so ...

Very cool concept with a lot of potential, but still just a concept at this point. No word on whether it will be built or when has been given. Photo credits: Peugeot

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