Opel Contest Wins Europe's Greenest Driver a New Ampera

Opel Ampera

In brief: Opel, General Motors' European brand, will hold a contest amongst European drivers to find the most eco-conscious driver on the continent. The winner receives a new Opel Ampera, the European version of the Chevy Volt.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Ampera
Manufacturer: Opel

The word

Opel Ampera

Drivers who want to compete will be required to complete an online quiz and driving simulator. Twenty participants will be picked from the initial open-contest quiz-takers to compete in a live fuel-economy skill drill. The winner gets one of the first Amperas to roll off the line.

Anyone who can legally drive in Europe can sign up to compete in the online quiz. This is designed as a first-stage filter to filter out the know-it-alls from the actually-knows. Those who can successfuly score high enough on the online quiz then go to an online driving simulator.

The top 20 scores from the simulator (one from each EU country) will be brought together in Sweden to compete in a real-life driving test.

The goal is to promote not only the high efficiency of the Opel, but of the entire ecoFLEX line of vehicles (three so far).

The winner will be crowned the ecoFLEX Experience Champion and will drive home with a brand new Opel Ampera.

And so ...

The contest kicks off April 1 on All Fool's Day (maybe it's not that in Europe).

Photo credits: Opel

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