Mitsubishi unveiling Outlander PHEV in Paris

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV cutaway

In brief: Mitsubishi has unveiled an Outlander plug in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV), which it will debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.

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Make/Model: Outlander PHEV
Manufacturer: Mitsubishi

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The working prototype Outlander PHEV will be seen at the Paris Motor Show in September, but Mitsubishi has released some specs and information on the new plug-in hybrid SUV.

It will be a production vehicle as a 2014 model, coming to dealerships in late 2013. This will make it the first series production four wheel drive plug-in SUV ever. The Outlander PHEV will feature technology that optimizes the use of its on-board power and generation as well as giving the driver full control over the way the vehicle operates.

The New Outlander PHEV will do this with the use of its Super-All Wheel Control, S-AW, Mitsubishi’s four wheel-drive traction control developed for the Lancer Evolution X series, which helps manage the 100% instant off-the-line torque provided by the electric motors. This smart SUV comes with two electric motors, one providing power to the front wheels, the other to the rear. It will have a gasoline engine that can be used to generate electricity to run the motors, recharge the battery pack and/or provide power to the front wheels.

Interestingly, the Outlander PHEV will be capable of all-electric operation, series hybrid operation where the engine assists the electric motors in moving the vehicle, or parallel where the engine does most of the work and the electric motors assist.

The SUV will have a range of about 500 miles, 31 of which will be electric only.

And so ...

Targeted CO2 emissions are below 50g/km.

Photo credits: Mitsubishi

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