Medium-duty Hybrids Projected as Strongest Sellers in Commercial Fleets

KW T270 Hybrid

In brief: Research firm Frost & Sullivan has released a study projecting that, for the near-term, medium-duty hybrid commercial vehicles will be the strongest sellers in fleet sales.

The word

Kenworth T270 Hybrid

The study, Strategic Analysis of the North American and European Hybrid Truck, Bus and Van Markets from research firm Frost & Sullivan, shows that the near-future of fleet sales will be medium-duty hybrids.

In North America and Europe, the study says, medium-duty (Class 4,5,6) hybrid models will dominate. A combination of infrastructure, efficiency payoffs, and public perception of the vehicles will power the adoption of these vehicles in larger numbers.

With hybrid diesel and gasoline models available and the fueling infrastructure already commonly available, the vehicles pose a real advantage for the near-term.

In addition, medium-duty vehicles tend to be urban drivers, rather than over-the-road long-haul carriers. Urban environments and city driving are where hybrid-electric systems are most efficient.

And so ...

With several companies such as Coca-Cola, FedEx, UPS, and more adopting these hybrid-electric trucks, they will become more and more common for sure.

Photo credits: Kenworth

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