Leonardo DiCaprio to Get First Fisker Karma Hybrid


Startup automaker Fisker has announced it will deliver its initial Karma plug-in hybrid by the end of July. It's first customer -- actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

The highly anticipated car was supposed to be released late in 2009, but a series of setbacks delayed production.

That didn't stop some 3,000 people from pre-ordering the car, including such high-profile celebrities as DiCaprio, Colin Powell and Al Gore.

However, most of those people will not be behind the wheel of their car anytime soon. According to Autocar, Fisker is producing just five cars per week at its plant in Finland. The company hopes to increase that to 300 per week in November.

PlugInCars.com writes:

The Karma has dual electric motors offering 400 horsepower and an electric range of up to 50 miles thanks to its 22 kilowatt-hour battery pack, which is joined by a 2.2-liter engine powering a generator to recharge the pack.

The Karma starts at $97,000.

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