Land Rover Introducing Hybrid SUV in 2012

Land Rover Range_e

In brief: Land Rover will be introducing a diesel-electric hybrid in 2012 with prototypes coming at the end of this year.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Range_e
Manufacturer: Land Rover

The word

Land Rover Range_e

Land Rover's famous Range Rover SUV will be offered in a hybrid version as a 2013 model (entering showrooms in late 2012). The diesel-electric hybrid is being dubbed the "Range_e" and will use the popular 3L TDV6 diesel engine and ZF 8-speed transmission.

The SUV will be a parallel hybrid with a plug-in range of about 20 miles before the diesel engine kicks in.

The first prototypes will be shown around the end of this year.

And so ...

The company is also offering, for the first time ever, a two-wheel drive version of the Range Rover.

Photo credits: Land Rover

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