Jaguar Developing Range-Extended Luxury Hybrid

Jaguar XJ220

In brief: Jaguar has announced that they're developing a range-extended hybrid using a small gas turbine to power the electric motor and batteries - and the British government is helping them do it.

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Manufacturer: Jaguar Land Rover

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Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar Land Rover is working on the range-extended luxury hybrid in conjunction with Bladon Jets, a gas turbine manufacturer, and SR Drives, an electric motor maker. The deal is being partially financed by the British government to the tune of $24 million (USD).

The goal is to build a commercially viable, environmentally friendly miniature gas turbine generator that will power an electric motor and charge batteries on a range-extended (or plug-in) hybrid vehicle.

Land Rover, before it became part of Jaguar, built a gas turbine-powered car in the 1950s called the Jet-1, which produced 50,000rpms. The company continued development of the turbine until about 1970.

This is not the first turbine-electric car, but it is the latest and probably the only one in development right now.

Jaguar has not said whether any of its current models will be outfitted with the new drive train being developed.

And so ...

An interesting plan and a nice lineup of manufacturers to carry it out.

Photo credits: Jaguar

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