Iran-Khodro to Unveil First Hybrid Bus in the Middle East

Iran-Kudro Hybrid Bus

In brief: While Better Place charging stations are based in Israel, it looks like hybrid buses will be based in Iran. The Middle East is heating up with EV tech.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: IKD City Bus Hybrid
Manufacturer: Iran-Khodro

The word

IKD Hybrid BoltThe largest car and truck manufacturer in Iran, Iran-Khodro, announced that they will be unveiling the first hybrid bus in the Middle-East inside the next three months.

The Hybrid Bus project has already carried out tests on individual parts and systems and are putting together the hybrid bus as a road-test model to be released in the next three months (first quarter, 2010).

The popular IKD City Bus, sold throughout the Middle East, is a diesel engine public transportation bus. It will be outfitted with a hydrogen drive train for these tests, which IKD says will likely take about a year. The hybrid iteration is nicknamed the "Bolt."

The projection is that the hybrid drive train will reduce emissions and fuel consumption by 30-40%. The bus will be a true plug-in hybrid, as the company has revealed that it will be capable of all-electric driving for short distances. It will also feature regenerative braking.

And so ...

It looks like the idea of hybrid and plug-in vehicles for public transportation is truly a world-wide phenomenon.

Photo credits: IKD

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