Honda Study Finds 10% Fuel Economy Improvement With Eco-Assist

Honda Eco Assist

In brief: The Honda Insight hybrid includes a dashboard readout called Eco-Assist that helps drivers improve their eco-driving. After studying the program in action, Honda concludes a 10-20% improvement in fuel economy.

The word

Honda Eco Assist

The Eco-Assist display is part of the Insight's dashboard display, using symbols and colors to show the driver how eco-friendly their driving habits are and to alert to gas-guzzling behavior such as over-braking or aggressive acceleration.

After 300 drives (each) with various drivers, the Honda R&D department has shown that drivers improved fuel economy by an average of 10% and some up to 20%.

The results come from over 1.7 million data points taken from about 5,000 Insights last year.

And so ...

With this data, Honda plans to move forward to refine the Eco Assist display. Toyota, Ford, and others have similar dashboard systems they have been working on.

Photo credits: Honda

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