Honda Fit Shuttle Models Begin Sales in Japan - Economy Equals Fit

Honda Fit Shuttle schematic

In brief: The Honda Fit Shuttle, in both a gasoline and hybrid form, begin sales in Japan with fuel economy equal to the smaller Fit.

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Make/Model: Fit Shuttle
Manufacturer: Honda

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Honda Fit Shuttle Hybrid cutaway

The Fit Shuttle and Fit Shuttle Hybrid are being offered in Japan as compact station wagons. Their fuel economy is equal to the standard Fit models, but they double seating capacity and increase cargo space.

The Fit Shuttle Hybrid uses the same 1.3L i-VTEC engine and IMA (integrated motor assist) that the Fit Hybrid uses and achieves fuel economies of 59mpg (US, JC08) and 71mpg (US, 10-15 mode) in the Japanese cycles.

Most of the losses from weight and size gains were made up for in new advanced engine friction, front brake drag, and other resistance improvements. When operating all-electric, the hybrids shut down fuel pump and ignition systems, reducing energy losses and increasing control.

Both the standard and hybrid models include a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with a torque converter to help provide strong off-the-line acceleration and ratio control fine-tuned for feel. All models also have "ECON" mode to reduce fuel usage by limiting various factors in driving to improve economy.

The Fit Shuttle (standard) has 590 liters of cargo space, but space below the floor at rear is lost in the hybrid to provide for battery storage, reducing cargo area to 517 liters.

And so ...

The hybrid and the 1.5L FWD models of the Fit and Shuttle all comply with Japanese 2010 +25% fuel economy standard.

Photo credits: Honda

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