Honda CR-Z Hybrid Selling 10x Faster Than Expected Despite MPG Disappointments

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

In brief: Despite disappointing real-world fuel efficiency numbers, Honda's new CR-Z Hybrid coupe is selling over 10,000 units a month - 10x expected numbers.

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Make/Model: CR-Z Hybrid
Manufacturer: Honda

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Honda CR-Z Hybrid

The sporty CR-Z hybrid is proving something: style still trumps practicality in Japan. Being the first sports model to come out in a hybrid, Honda's CR-Z has fuel efficiency numbers that are several points worse than the larger, more practical Ford Fusion and that are nowhere near Toyota's Prius.

Despite those lower numbers, the CR-Z hybrid has been much-anticipated by fans of the newly-rejuvenated line. Honda's sales have hit 10,000 units for the month, nearly reaching the 12,000 annual goal they set in only a few weeks.

While sales will likely drop off, it appears that Honda will easily make it's 1,000 units per month sales goals.

And so ...

Meanwhile, the Insight continues to plug along, even after plummeting from its initial huge sales numbers upon release.

Photo credits: Honda

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