Honda CR-Z Hybrid Goes on Sale in Japan

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

In brief: The Honda CR-Z Hybrid is now officially on sale in Japan and Honda is targeting 1,000 units per month as their sales goal.

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Make/Model: CR-Z Hybrid
Manufacturer:Honda Motor

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Honda CR-Z Hybrid

The lofty 1,000 units a month goal is daring, given the relatively lackluster sales of the Honda Insight hybrid. The CR-Z, however, is the only Japanese-made production sports hybrid and Honda appears to be banking on that fact.

The CR-Z Hybrid gets 59mpg (US) in the best of the selections in the new 3-mode hybrid system Honda has been working on. The modes include SPORT, NORMAL and ECON modes.

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Many in the industry have looked forward to the CR-Z's rebirth. More information on this hybrid can be had here.

Photo credits: Honda

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