Honda CR-Z Concept joins Honda's growing roster of hybrids


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Make/Model: CR-Z Concept
Manufacturer: Honda Motor Company
In Brief: Honda is releasing new images of its CR-Z Concept for the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show in late October.

The Word

First revealed two years ago at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show, Honda's CR-Z Concept is intended to be Honda's hybrid sports car of the future, scheduled to go into production in 2010.


Despite a dearth of specific details, the CR-Z Concept is considered the heir-apparent to Honda's CRX and many outlets are predicting it to be powered by Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA), a four-cylinder engine plus an electric motor for a combined output somewhere in the range of 140 hp.


Honda is scheduled to bring the CR-Z Concept to the Tokyo Motor Show, which opens on October 24, 2009.

And so …

Originally, Honda said the CR-Z would be available in the winter of 2010, but this seems a bit ambitious. Nonetheless, when you combine the CR-Z with the Insight, the Civic hybrid, the planned Fit hybrid, and the greenest car in the world according to the EPA, the Civic GX, you're looking at an impressive lineup of green vehicles—likely the most impressive line-up of any major car maker. The only thing missing is a dedicated EV—something Honda claims to be working on.

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Photo credits: Honda

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