GM's Lutz at NAIAS Promises to Produce the Cadillac Converj PHEV

Cadillac Converj concept

In brief: The night before the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, GM's Bob Lutz announced at a conference of the SAA that the company would be putting the Cadillac Converj concept into production on the Voltec platform.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Converj
Manufacturer: Cadillac (GM)

The word

Cadillac Converj concept

The concept car was debuted before the company's bankruptcy filing in mid-2009. After the filing, most industry insiders thought the Converj, a plug-in electric or extended-range electric (PHEV or EREV) was a lost cause.

Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, however, stated to a conference of the Society of Automotive Analysts that GM would be producing the Converj on the Voltec platform, using the next-generation extended-range power train.

A release date was not given, but it's expected to be around 2012.

And so ...

Interesting new information from GM and this marks the third announced vehicle for the Voltec line so far. This is confirmation of the rumors circulating in November for the car.

Photo credits: GM

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