GM Unveils New Volt MPV5 Electric Crossover Concept

GM Volt MPV5

In brief: General Motors unveiled the Volt MPV5, an extended-range crossover concept based on the Voltec platform.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: MPV5
Manufacturer: Chevrolet

The word

GM Volt MPV5

Teh Volt MPV5 is one of 37 vehicles that GM and its partners are showing at Auto China 2010. The concept is a 5-passenger multi-purpose crossover concept that uses the Voltec platform.

This same range-extended electric platform is what the Chevy Volt, due out later this year, will use. The front grillwork of the MPV5 is obviously from the Volt while the rest of the vehicle takes cues from other, larger GM vehicles.

And so ...

The vehicle is a concept, but is being shown with a 1.4L engine/generator and with a 300 mile total range.

Photo credits: GM

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