GM To Drop Cadillac Version of Chevy Volt

Cadillac Volt

In brief: General Motors has reportedly dropped plans to issue a Cadillac-branded Volt due to cost and pricing concerns.

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Make/Model: Volt
Manufacturer: Cadillac

The word

Cadillac Volt (rendering)

General Motors will not be producing a Cadillac version of the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. The Cadillac branded car was to include several amenities and upgrades, fitting with the brand, that would have both lowered fuel efficiency and raised the cost of the Volt.

Instead, the Voltec will appear in later versions of unnamed Cadillac vehicles, mostly smaller cars. GM has said that plug-ins from the Cadillac line will be forthcoming, but has set no official timetable for them.

With the battery-intense design of the Volt coming under fire from recent developments by other automakers, whose parallel hybrids are set to enter the market at matching or lower cost, GM will likely reconsider the configuration of the Voltec platform overall.

And so ...

The earlier cancellation of the Cadillac Converj signaled a change in thinking for the hybrid plans of the brand.

Photo credits: GM

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