Global Green Cars G-3 Electric Pickup Truck

G-3 Pickup 2
G-3 Pickup

In brief: A Kentucky, USA based company produces this 1/2 ton light-duty pickup truck PHEV for the world market.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Global Green Cars G-3
Manufacturer: Global Green Cars

The word

This light-duty pickup truck is a plug-in electric hybrid (or range-extended hybrid) and betters 100mpg.

The truck has a range of 125 miles, a top speed of 80mph, carries two passengers (plus whomever you can cram into the x-cab), and comes in yellow or white. The bed is configurable with a flatbed, dumper bed, 3-side fold-down, standard pickup bed, or box/refrigerated van.

The G-3 is rated as a 1/2 ton truck and has a small gasoline generator on board for range extension. The li-ion batteries are capable of about a 30 mile range.

Currently, the G-3 is being sold in Asia and is awaiting FMVSS and NHTSA approvals for sale in America. Some parts are imported, but the majority of the truck is built in Kentucky.

And so ...

Global Green Cars also produces the G-1, a small, all-electric coupe, and a converted city-electric SUV. The company has been around since the 1990s building prototype electric vehicles.

Photos courtesy of Global Green Cars.

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