Ford Unveils C-MAX Energi Production Plug-in Hybrid

Ford C-MAX Energy PHEV

In brief: For has revealed its first planned production plug-in electric hybrid, the C-MAX Energi.

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Make/Model: C-MAX Energi

Manufacturer: Ford

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C-MAX Energi

Hot on the heels of the Focus Electric introduced thsi month, Ford has now introduced the C-MAX line of cars and the planned C-MAX Energi PHEV as part of that lineup.

The Energi is a plug-in electric hybrid based on the multi-activity, 5-passenger C-MAX chassis introduced this year. The C-MAX is being offered in two hybrid variations: a standard hybrid (using a drive train similar to the Fusion Hybrid) and a plug-in hybrid (the Energi).

The Energi is capable of all-electric driving up to 47mph and electric-boost driving at any speed. It has a range of over 500 miles and will have better economy than the Volt, Ford says. In addition, the C-MAX hybrids will use lithium-ion batteries developed and made entirely in-house in Michigan.

And so ...

Ford has not come forward with more details on the C-MAX Energi, but it is slated for production as a 2013 model in both the U.S. and Europe.

Photo credits: Ford

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