Ford, Honda, Others Say California HOV Perk for Hybrids Should End

HOV Access Sticker - California

In brief: Ford and Honda have joined other alt-fuel vehicle advocates who are calling for the State of California to end high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) exemptions for conventional hybrids.

The word

The advocates are saying that the program, which allows hybrid vehicles to use HOV lanes regardless of the number of occupants, is outdated now that hybrids are so plentiful and other, cleaner fuel options are gaining ground.

They are pushing for the state to drop hybrids from the list of "clean fuel" vehicles that are given exemptions for HOV tags and instead focus on newer, cleaner technologies like battery electrics (BEV), natural gas vehicles, and plug-in hybrids (PHEV). The groups say that the exemptions for standard hybrids should not be renewed when they end this July.

Notably absent from the coalition of opposition to yellow sticker renewal is Toyota, which makes the Prius - the highest-selling hybrid vehicle in the world and which enjoys the exemption in California.

And so ...

In California, HOV exemption stickers are colored according to the type of vehicle (BEVs have white stickers, for instance). Yellow stickers are for hybrids, including plug-ins.

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