Ford Doing Voluntary Hybrid Braking Fix Without Recall

Ford Fusion recall paperwork

In brief: In an effort to avoid the public relations nightmare Toyota has recently found themselves in, Ford is apparently doing a "non-recall" recall for the braking systems in its hybrid vehicles.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Fusion / Milan
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co

The word

Ford Fusion Hybrid recall paperworkFord Motor Company announced a decision last week to "reprogram" the braking strategy for its Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids.

Rather than calling it a "recall," as is the usual, Ford is avoiding the term and instead calling this a "customer satisfaction program." Ford's paperwork on the situation, however, is reported by Edmunds as being listed as a recall.

Since the brakes are only having minor issues that aren't considered a safety issue, Ford's action is definitely a PR coupe.

And so ...

Score one for the PR people at Ford.

Photo credits: Edmunds

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