Fisker Sets 2 World Records

Fisker Netherlands

In brief: At an event in the Netherlands, Fisker Automotive has set two world records for electric cars.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2012 Karma
Manufacturer: Fisker Automotive

The word

Fisker's Dutch retailer, Fisker Nederland, put together an event in which 45 Karma owners plugged their cars in simultaneously to set the record for Highest Number of Single-Brand Electric Vehicles to be Charged Simultaneously.

With the help of five other, non-Fisker cars, the total cars charging was 50, which set another record for Highest Number of Mixed-Brand Electric Vehicles to be Charged Simultaneously.

Both records were confirmed by Stiching E-Laad, the Dutch foundation for the promotion of electric vehicles. Fisker Nederland is the automaker's most successful Karma seller, having sold 130 of the plug-in, range-extended EVs so far.

And so ...

Dutch ESA astronaut and Karma owner Andre Kuipers was on hand to witness and participate in the event.

Photo credits: Fisker Automotive

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