Fisker Karma Gets Another Price Hike

Fisker Karma gravel
In brief: The much-anticipated Fisker Karma has seen another price hike, this time up to $95,900 (base).

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Make/Model: Karma
Manufacturer: Fisker

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Fisker KarmaThe 2011 Karma will reach U.S. dealers in March or April and is to begin distribution in Europe next month. The range-extended hybrid luxury sedan has seen several price increases leading up to its release so far.

The original announcement in 2008 had a target price of $80,000 which rose to $87,900 when designs were completed. Now, just before hitting the streets, another hike has ensued. Most of the price increase is due to the rooftop solar panels now being standard for every model.

The Karma will be available in three packages: Eco Standard, Eco Sport, and Eco Chic. These each have a tiered pricing structure, stepping up with each package.

The Eco Standard package is a luxury sedan that has been trimmed of some of its extras and has a base price of $95,900 plus delivery.

The Eco Sport package has a slightly better trim as well as performance boosts and starts at $103,900 plus delivery.

The Eco Chic package has very high-style trim and interior improvements and includes the Sport upgrades as well. It starts at $108,900 plus delivery.

The Fisker Karma is eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit plus most of the credits available by state.

And so ...

Other options include Tri-Tone Leather (interior), Diamond Dust Paint, and a custom "special" paint option.

Photo credits: Fisker

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