FEV Develops 40kW Range-Extender Unit for Electric Vehicles

FEV Hummer H3 conversion

In brief: FEV, Inc., who develops advanced powertrain and vehicle technologies, has built an auxiliary power unit (APU) and coupled it with a small, 3-cylinder engine for use as a range extender in electric vehicles.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: APU
Manufacturer: FEV

The word

FEV Hummer H3 plug-in electric conversion

The unit is a generator which can be used in a variety of vehicle applications and was announced at the 2010 SAE Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium in San Diego, California.

FEV is well-known for their range-extended concept vehicles, especially the Hummver H3 conversion deubted in 2009.

This new APU is designed as a compact, easily-installed range-extension power source for electric vehicles, putting up to 40kW of power into the vehicle's power storage and propulsion systems.

And so ...

Interesting step forward for this OEM supplier.

Photo credits: FEV

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