Ferrari Unveils Green Hybrid "Hy-Kers"

Ferrari Hy-Kers
Ferrari Hy-Kers
Ferrari Hy-Kers

In brief: The Hy-Kers concept is a performance hybrid, true to Ferrari's style and driving performance reputation.

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Make/Model: Hy-Kers
Manufacturer: Ferrari

The word

Ferrari Hy-Kers

The Hy-Kers is based on the 599 GTB Fiorano with several modifications allow the hybrid extras to fit without compromising the low center of gravity and vehicle dynamics.

Using a compact motor, weighing only 88 pounds, Ferrari mounted it behind the 7-speed transmission (from the 458 Italia), which is paddle-shifted like any great sports car should be. Working on a second clutch, the motor engages the drive shaft in odd-gears and produces about 107hp (111lb-ft).

Ferrari Hy-Kers cutaway

Ferrari's stated goal was to ad another horsepower for every pound the hybrid system required added to the car. The already-impressive V12 6.0L engine puts out 599hp and the hybridization keeps the horsepower while dropping emissions by 35% and increasing mileage by 9mpg from 16 to 25 (EU).

The Hy-Kers also uses Ferrari's experience with kinetic regeneration, learned through Formula One, to return braking power to the batteries, rather than the flywheel of the unproductive KERS system they tried in F1.

Ferrari Hy-Kers

The only other details so far are that the battery pack is a lithium-ion bank with 3kWh and is arrayed to be only an inch thick, saving space in the compact racer.

And so ...

The Hy-Kers is a concept, but Ferrari plans to take the basic concept to showrooms within five years.

Photo credits: Ferrari

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