Ferrari To Make Hybrid Version of 599 Coupe

Ferrari 599 (2009 model)

In brief: Ferrari CEO Luca di Montezelmo announced that a prototype hybrid Ferrari 599 will be displayed at the Geneva Motor Show in March and the hybrid 599 will see production.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 599 Hybrid
Manufacturer: Ferrari

The word

2009 Ferrari 599

Although the car won't likely be a gas-sipper, Ferrari does hold patents on several all-wheel-drive hybrid power trains.

The surprise announcement came at the Ferrari Formula One presentation to kick off the 2010 season.

The current 599 GTB uses a 620hp engine that gets 8.7mpg in city driving. A hybrid version may boost that by 35%, so the resulting 11.75mpg isn't exactly competition for the Prius.

And so ...

In looks, though, it will be all Ferrari, something that no other car company can match.

Photo credits: Ferrari

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