EPA Gives Parker-Hannifin Hydraulic Hybrid Tech the Nod

Parker RunWise Hydraulic Hybrid mockup

In brief: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has added the Parker-Hannifin RunWise hydraulic hybrid system to its National Clean Diesel Campaign Emerging Technologies List.

The word

Parker-Hannifin RunWise

The Emerging Technologies List is the list from which most late-developing technologies in heavy-duty diesels get funding for evaluation of the technologies in the field.

Currently, the RunWise system is on the road in Florida and several other areas of North America.

The Parker RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive system is capable of reducing emissions by up to 50% and increasing fuel economy by up to 73% in heavy vehicles of Classes 5-8.

The system is packaged in a cradle design (see photo) that allows easy installation on existing or new applications for testing and use as well as access for easier servicing in the field.

And so ...

Parker-Hannifin is working on a lighter-duty variation for use in package delivery, transit buses, and another variation for terminal tractors (yard/trailer hostlers).

Photo credits: Parker-Hannifin

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