Delta Electronics New Powertrain to Rival GM's Voltec

Delta Electronics Powertrain

In brief: Taiwanese company Delta Group is entering the electric powertrain market with a hybrid propulsion system very much like the Voltec from GM.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Series Hybrid Gasoline-Electric Powertrain
Manufacturer: Delta Group

The word

Delta Powertrain Display

Undergoing road testing in an unspecified platform, the Delta Group's plug-in hybrid power train may be China's answer to the General Motors' Voltec (the base for the Chevy Volt).

Delta, the world's largest provider of switching power supplies and DC brushless fans, as well as many other power management solutions and components, is definitely in a good position to become a world powerhouse in EV technology.

Their powertrain design includes a battery pack, inverter, control unit, and traction motor. The battery pack is a 18kWh lithium-ion capable of powering the vehicle alone.

The prototype has a 100kW maximum output (830Nm torque). The engine is an unspecified gasoline burner that does not propel the vehicle, but acts only as a generator to provide more power. Similar to the Voltec or the Fisker systems.

Estimates put the efficiency of the vehicle at 71mpg equivalent (US).

And so ...

With the Asian market exploding and the North American market stagnating, the stage is set for a major (likely Chinese) player to gain a strong foothold in the world's e-auto industry.

Photo credits: Delta Electronics

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