Colorado's New Hybrid Snowplow

International 7900 Hybrid
International 7900 Hybrid
International 7900 Hybrid

In brief: Jefferson County Colorado unveiled the first hybrid snowplow in the U.S., which will go into service as soon as it snows again.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Model 7300 Hybrid
Manufacturer: International

The word

IH 7900Jefferson County plans to test the hybrid and see how efficient it is compared to their standard diesel engine snowplows. With a $167,240 price tag, they hope to offset the extra up-front cost with significant fuel savings over time.

The county currently operates a fleet of 130 snow plows. It is a modified International Model 7300 Hybrid, which are most often used as dump and garbage trucks.

The snowplow is part of an overall initiative by the County to save energy and taxpayer's money. It's expected that the new plow will be about 30% more fuel efficient than its traditional counterparts.

And so ...

The new snowplow is stationed in Golden, Colorado where it will see service this winter. It will focus on urban and neighborhood environments where emissions reductions are most needed.

Photo credits: International

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