Chrysler and Electrovaya Testing Batteries for PHEV Dodge Ram

Electrovaya Maya

In brief: Chrysler has teamed up with battery-maker Electrovaya to test battery systems for use in the upcoming plug-in hybrid electric Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Plug-in Ram
Manufacturer: Chrysler / Dodge

The word

Maya - Electrovaya Test Vehicle

Through a $48 million grant from the EPA, Chrysler has been working to electrify the Dodge Ram pickup truck. Through a supply agreement with Canada's Electrovaya, they are now testing battery packs for use in the hybrid Ram.

Electrovaya recently added Tommy LaSorda (former Chrysler CEO) to its board and soon afterwards, Chrysler announced they would be using Electrovaya for the government-funded prototype project on the Ram.

The 3-year demo project will build 140 plug-in Dodge Ram pickups.

And so ...

No information was given on when the first prototype will be seen.

Photo credits: Electrovaya

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