Chevy Volt Receives EPA Sticker Rating: 60mpge Combined

Chevy Volt EPA sticker
In brief: The Chevrolet Volt has received its Environmental Protection Agency efficiency sticker for fuel economy ratings, giving it 60MPGe overall.

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Make/Model: Volt Manufacturer: Chevrolet

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Chevy Volt EPA Sticker

The EPA gave the Volt a 93MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent) rating of 93 for all-electric mode, 37 for gas-only mode, with a combined 60MPGe overall.

The Volt is a plug-in electric with a gasoline engine used to charge batteries when depleted and help propel the vehicle at high speeds.

The all-electric range for the Volt is 35 miles, by EPA numbers, earning it a 93MPGe in that mode. Total range for the car is given as 379 miles (batteries plus fuel).

Doug Parks, Chevrolet Volt Global Vehicle Line Executive, notes that this overall number of 60MPGe will vary considerably depending on individual driving habits (length of commute/trip, how often the car is plugged in, style of driving, etc).

The EPA reinforced this with a 5-part scenario to illustrate different efficiencies probable with the car. These include a 30, 45, 60 and 75 mile drive between full charges and one without any charge at all.

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Without a charge, the Volt's gasoline-only efficiency is still pretty good at 35mpg city and 40mpg highway.

Photo credits: EPA

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