Chevrolet Volt Burns Out in a Hot Lap at Dodgers Stadium

GM Volt burning rubber

In brief: General Motor's Chief Engineer Andrew Farah took a hot lap around a course set up in the parking lot of the Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Volt
Manufacturer: General Motors

The word

The Volt on the Course

GM captured video of the publicity run for their YouTube channel. The Volt, a range-extended hybrid, aims for a 6-cylinder/250hp feel with a 0-60mph in the 8 second range.

The event, obviously, was to drum up more publicity for GM's flagship green car as well as to put to rest claims that eco-friendly cars are sedate and slow.

And so ...

Nice little video of the Volt burning rubber, but the question still remains: how much rubber will it burn when it hits the sales floor?

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