Capstone Working with US 1 Ind and CalMotors to Install Microturbine in Class 8 Truck

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In brief: Capstone Turbines is working with US 1 Industries and CalMotors to install a C65 microturbine into a hybrid electric class 8 tractor-trailer.

The word

CapstoneCapstone has been putting their clean-tech microturbine energy systems into everything from buildings to supercars. Now they're aiming to put one in a big rig.

The C65 produces 65kW of power, more than enough to power an electrically-driven Class 8 (80,000 pound GVW) commercial tractor-trailer rig. The idea is to build a range-extended electric (or PHEV/plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) big truck.

Building on their experience installing microturbines in PHEV buses, Capstone thinks that the heavy cartage industry could also use the tech to save fuel.

The prototype truck, built by US 1 in California, will be on the road and testing in the Ports of Los Angeles this year. The Capstone microturbine will run on standard diesel fuel, biodiesel, propane, or natural gas.

And so ...

Very interesting. No estimates were given as to the efficiency expected, but it will likely be 50-60% over standard diesel.

Photo credits: Capstone

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