Capstone Launches CARB-cert Microturbine Range Extender

Capstone C30 Hybrid system

In brief: Capstone Turbine Corp has released configurations for their C30 (30kW) microturbine that meets extremely low emissions standards including California's Air Resource Board (CARB) requirements for new on-road heavy-duty engines without after treatment.

The word

Capstone C30 Hybrid System

The C30 hybrid system, as depicted by Capstone, is meant for urban buses, medium-duty transit and other vehicles. The liquid fueled microturbine (which can operate on a variety of fuels and biofuels) measured significantly lower in emissions than the CARB requirements. In fact, NOx and CO2 emissions were at 80% and 99% less than required, respectively.

Currently, the Capstone C30 is the only diesel-fueled range extender that has been certified by CARB for Urban Bus and Urban Bush Hybrid operation. The C30 can also operate on several other fuels.

Capstone plans to submit its CNG microturbine for CARB approval after it completes third-party testing, underway now.

And so ...

The hybrid system depicted in the photo at top is Capstone's HEV drive system which uses the C30 as a generator and includes an inverter, drive motor, gear reduction, motor drive inverter, and power control module. This water-cooled system replaces standard systems at an 88% reduction in weight - mainly due to the smaller engine.

Photo credits: Capstone Turbine

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