BYD F3DM To Sell To General Public in China

BYD F3DM Shanghai

In brief: The BYD F3DM plug-in hybrid has so far only been available to corporate and commercial fleets in China, but that will soon change as the company prepares to sell the cars to the general (Chinese) public.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: F3DM
Manufacturer: BYD

The word

BYD F3DM, Shanghai Auto Show

While promises of China's top hybrid coupe coming to America have been postponed, BYD has announced they will begin selling the car to the general public in China. Up to now, the car has only been available in limited numbers to corporate fleets.

Sales have been disappointing for BYD, to say the least, and they also recently announced postponement (and the likely cancellation) of their battery electric vehicle plans.

The price of the F3DM remains a big obstacle, selling for almost double the price of a comparable gasoline-only car. That has partially been lifted, however, with the introduction of government subsidies in China and several local governments, such as the City of Shenzhen, are discussing offering their own incentives to hybrid car buyers.

And so ...

The F3DM has been in development since 2008 and has been in production for several months now.

Photo credits: BYD

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