BMW to Enter Green Field with Turbo Diesel Hybrid in Frankfurt


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Make/Model: Vision EfficientDynamics plug-in hybrid
Manufacturer: BMW
In Brief: BMW is finally entering the green car market with an electric-diesel hybrid concept it intends to bring to the Frankfurt Motor Show this fall.

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Add another big premiere to the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show with the arrival of the BMW Vision EfficiencyDynamics turbodiesel plug-in hybrid sports car concept, and the first from the legendary Bavarian carmaker to show a green side.


The Vision hybrid is expected to be no slouch off the starting gun, going zero to 60 in a BMW-like 4.8 seconds thanks to 590 fl-lbs of torque. However, the vehicle's 1.5 liter, 3-cylinder turbo-diesel engine and electric motors (combining for a 356 hp output) are expected to earn a fuel efficiency rating of better than 62 mpg.

A lithium-polymer battery pack will require about 6 hours to charge from a 110 volt outlet and give the Vision about 30 miles on battery power alone.


And so …

What BMW is really bringing to Frankfurt is its ActiveHybrid technology, which they're hyping will appear in two future production vehicles, the BMW ActiveHybrid X6 and the BMW ActiveHybrid 7.

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