BMW ActiveHybrid X6 Coming to the U.S. for 2010

BMW ActiveHybrid X6 drivetrain
BMW ActiveHybrid X6 battery
BMW ActiveHybrid X6

In brief: Recently released in Europe and headed for the U.S., it's the ActiveHybrid X6 from BMW with a two-mode hybrid power train.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: ActiveHybrid X6
Manufacturer: BMW

The word

BMW ActiveHybrid X6

The production prototypes of the X6 appeared at the Frankfurt Auto Show amid a splash and speculation about their hybrid drive application.

The X6 is a two-mode hybrid, which means it's capable of running all-electric (similar to the 2010 Prius) for limited use and then combines both electric and internal combustion the rest of the time.

This results in a net 20% fuel use reduction, giving the 2010 X6 an expected EPA rating of 23-24mpg highway. That's while putting out a maximum total torque of 780Nm (575lb-ft) between engine and motors.

ActiveHybrid drive train

  1. High efficient V8 gasoline engine (300kW/600Nm) with High Precision injection and TwinPower Turbo Max Power (system) 357kW/80Nm.
  2. Two-Mode ActiveHybrid transmission (2 electric motors max 67kW/280Nm each, planetary gearbox, power split, 7 speeds).
  3. High Voltage Electronics (max. 425V).
  4. High performance Ni-MH battery (312V/2.4kWh).


The X6 is capable of all-electric driving from 0-37mph and acceleration from 0-100km/h isn 5.6 seconds with a top speed electronically limited to 146mph (or 155mph in the Sport Package).

ActiveHybrid battery and cooling system

The two-mode active transmission provides a combination of power modes depending on need. It transfers between one or both motors active, engine and motors active, etc. The shifting is electronically controlled and can be made manual in the cockpit. Steering is also electric-assist.

The innovation here is BMW's insertion of the motors into the transmission to couple with the engine rather than putting them on the hubs. This allows for fast re-tooling of the assembly line as most major components are still the same, significantly lowering production costs.

And so ...

High-end luxury sports car buyers interested in a 4-door coupe will be thrilled with the BMW ActiveHybrid X6, despite it's lack-luster mileage compared to other hybrids.

Photo credits: BMW

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