AutoNation Warns Member Dealers Not to Mark Up the Volt or Leaf

Chevy Volt dealership

In brief: AutoNation, the nation's largest chain of Chevrolet dealerships, has warned member dealers not to price gouge on the Chevy Volt or the Nissan Leaf

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Make/Model: Volt / Leaf
Manufacturer: Chevrolet / Nissan

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Chevy Volt

The Volt will begin at a $41,500 suggested retail price, but many dealerships are adding fees and markups to that, knowing that the supplies of the range-extended electric hybrid are very limited.

With interest in the Volt high amongst industry insiders and prospective consumers, some dealerships are planning to bolster flagging account ledgers by gouging on the Volt. One to the tune of $20,000 over and above the Volt's MSRP.

AutoNation, however, has warned its member dealerships not to raise the price of the Volt or face expulsion from the dealership chain.

The dealership chain has 27 Chevrolet dealerships and 24 Nissan Leaf dealerships nationally. The policy for the Volt also applies to the Nissan Leaf, the company says.

And so ...

The all-electric Leaf has been much-anticipated and has not had the negative press that the Volt has received. Its MSRP is also over $10,000 lower.

Photo credits: AutoNation

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