Autocar Launches Commercial Sales of E3 Hydraulic Hybrid Trucks

Autocar Quantum E3 HHy

In brief: Autocar has commercially launched their hydraulic hybrid refuse truck, the E3 Advanced Series Hybrid.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: E3 Advanced Series Hybrid
Manufacturer: Autocar

The word

Autocar Quantum E3

The E3 debuted with Parkern Hannifin's RunWise hydraulic hybrid system last year in tests in South Florida. After successful in-field testing, Autocar has taken the series to commercial sales.

Operational results showed fuel consumption reductions of 30-50%, depending on duty cycle, with the average being 45% or 4,500 gallons of diesel fuel annually per truck. Other bonuses include reduced brake wear, reduced operation noise, and more power when taking off from a stand still.

The Parker RunWise system is build around their Power Drive Unit (PDU) and C24 hydraulic pump/motors all designed specifically for high-power start-stop applications.

And so ...

A great use of hydraulic hybrids and one that is catching on quickly in heavy-duty commercial fleets.

Photo credits: Autocar

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