Audi Investing 6 Billion Euros Through 2012 on New Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Audi Q5 Hybrid

In brief: Audi has announced that they will be investing 5.9 billion Euros through 2012 on new products including electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

The word

Audi Q5 Hybrid

Audi plans to ad 8 new models to its current lineup for a total of 42 models by 2012. Next year, Audi plans to ad 4 models to its lineup alone: the A1, A7, A8, and R8 Spyder. At the end of next year, Audi will be unveiling their Q5 Hybrid (pictured), which markets in 2011.

Audi plans to focus primarily on ultra-efficient diesel injection systems such as their award-winning TDI models. They e-tron is coming in limited numbers as well.

And so ...

All in all, Audi seems to be willing to put a lot forward to move ahead. The investment totals about 80% of their total investment in fixed assets for the time period.

Photo credits: Audi

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