Audi Introduces Compact Q3 SUV Micro-Hybrid

Audi Q3

In brief: Audi introduced the Q3 compact SUV which features three engine options, regenerative braking and start-stop technology.

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Make/Model: Q3
Manufacturer: Audi

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Audi Q3

Three different 4-cylinder engines will be available in the diminutive SUV. One is a TDI diesel and the other two are gasoline burners. All three use direct injection and turbocharging and all three also include regenerative braking and start-stop.

The Q3 2.0 TDI will appear last, at 140hp and 45.23mpg (US combined) in front wheel drive. The diesel and more powerful gasoline engines will include all wheel drive (Audi's Quattro system) and seven-speed S Tronic transmission which has a clutch disengage for coasting, saving energy.

The entire vehicle weighs about 3,300 pounds (depending on engine) and features a drag coefficient of only 0.32. Adaptive driving options in Audi's Drive Select allow for customization to driving style and efficiency options.

And so ...

Very cool. They weren't clear on whether the TDI will appear in the U.S., but given the relative success of Audi's award-winning TDIs here, it probably will.

Photo credits: Audi

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