Audi A6 Hybrid Coming in 2012?


A hybrid version of the Audi A6 luxury sedan will reportedly hit U.S. showrooms next year. says that several media reports say Audi will release the hybrid sometime in 2012, contradicting earlier reports that it would take years for the car to arrive, if it ever did.

More evidence -- the A6 hybrid already appears on the EPA's website on a list of hybrids to be released next year.

Car and Driver reports that the car will be priced "somewhere north of $55,000," or $13,000 more than the gasoline A6.

European testing shows the hybrid A6 gets a combined 38 mpg, so Americans should see an EPA rating in the low 30s. That's compared to the 25 mpg city and 33 highway the gas A6 gets.

Audi is also expected to release a clean diesel version of the A6 next year as well.

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