A123 and Fisker Report Battery Pack Cooling System Problem and Fix

Fisker Karma (production)

In brief: A123 Systems has found a potential problem with the cooling system it includes with its battery packs for the Fisker Karma range extended electric. A fix is underway.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2011-12 Karma
Manufacturer: Fisker Automotive

The word

The battery cooling system on some of the first production Fisker Karmas may have a potential problem with the alignment of the hose clamp that allows coolant into the battery pack. The issue affects less than 50 production cars, but Fisker and A123 are repairing the issue on existing vehicles that have been delivered and have changed production on current battery packs being shipped to the Karma's production facility in Finland.

The battery packs and their cooling systems are produced by A123 Systems here in the U.S. in their Detroit facility. Packs already shipped as well as those installed in cars that are still in the factory are undergoing re-fitting as needed.

Fisker reports no related battery performance incidents with cars already on the road, but customers are encouraged to bring their vehicles to a dealership for a free refitting.

And so ...

In light of the PR nightmare that the Volt's battery issues have created, it's great to see Fisker coming forward with this regardless.

Photo credits: Fisker Automotive

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