2014 Porsche 918 Spyder Hybrid - 800hp, 78mpg

Porsche 918 Spyder Salsberg Racing design

In brief: A brochure leaked to press outlets shows details of the upcoming Porsche hybrid.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2014 918 Spyder Hybrid
Manufacturer: Porsche

The word

The 918 Spyder will have 800 horses thundering inside, but with a hybrid powertrain so some of those horses are electrified, and for all that, it gets 78 miles per gallon. That's better mileage than nearly every hybrid available today. And none of them have the supercar track growl that this Porsche sports.

Several paint and exterior options will also be available, according to the leaked brochure, including two "classic racing styles" such as the Sandberg shown here.

Previously revealed were some of the mid-mounted engine and hybrid drivetrain components. A 7-speed PDK transmission mates with the high-rev V8 engine to drive the rear wheels, but includes an electric-assist motor as well. The front axle is powered by an electric motor of unspecified horsepower and a lithium-ion battery pack sits at the car's halfway point, just behind the driver and passenger's seat on the floor. The front motor must have a lot of oomph, however, as the power split is 57:43 in favor of the rear axle. This is unspecified, but likely is at standard speeds rather than race track fly-by rates.

And so ...

The power curve in the literature is also telling. It peaks at about 795 horsepower and, by percentage, about three quarters of that is from the combustion engine with the electric assist at rear and front axles making up the rest is roughly equal parts. The chart's hill climb, however, shows the majority of power coming from the rear axle motor through most of the early mileage, but as speed gains, so does the input from the combustion engine. The front axle doesn't really come into play until later in the game as the car approaches highway speeds, at which point the electric assist at rear has already reached maximum output.

Photo credits: Porsche

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