2011 Buick Regal to Be a Hybrid? Even a Plug-In?

GM BAS+ System Efficiency Chart
Buick 2011 Regal

In brief: Conflicting sources say the new Buick Regal will be a hybrid, a plug-in hybrid, or a regular gas engine.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2011 Regal
Manufacturer: Buick (General Motors)

The word

2011 Buick Regal

The unofficial General Motors / Chevrolet Volt website, gm-volt.com, has announced that the new Buick Regal, slated for U.S. release in late 2010 as a 2011 model, will feature the hybrid drive train once meant for the Saturn VUE.

The information is sourced as coming from Wards Auto, which requires a subscription. That story barely mentions the plug-in possibility while gm-volt.com seems to emphasize it.

The graph below (sourced from GM) shows the next-generation hybrid system that GM has been working on. The graph pinpoints how the system works to maximize efficiency. This system is what was meant for the now-defunct Saturn VUE.

BAS+ Efficiency Chart

The system (called the BAS+ System for Belt/Alternator/Starter) was also meant to go into one of GM's Sport Utilities, but negative publicity about SUVs in general caused them to back off from that.

If the BAS+ does end up in the new Regal (a 4-cylinder vehicle), it is questionable as to whether it would appear as early as 2011.

GM's website and press releases announcing the car mention nothing about the hybrid system and make it clear they're marketing a gasoline engine vehicle in both standard and turbo models.

And so ...

So the question is still in the air. Will the Regal have the BAS+ hybrid in it and if so, why is GM being so quiet about it?

Photo credits: GM-Volt.com, General Motors

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