2010 Toyota Prius Makes N. American Debut at LA Auto Show

Prius PHEV 2010

In brief: The 2010 Toyota Prius plug-in hybrid made it's North American debut at the LA Auto Show with li-ion batteries from PEVE.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2010 Prius
Manufacturer: Toyota

The word

Prius PHEV

The plug-in hybrid Prius was showed off at the LA Auto Show sporting the third-generation Hybrid Synergy Drive with lithium-ion batteries.

The battery pack is capable of running the Prius electric-only for up to 13 miles and at speeds up to 60mph.

The battery is the first generation of a joint venture development between Toyota and Panasonic Electric Vehicle Energy (PEVE). PEVE began producing the batteries in November, putting out 500 units on a dedicated assmebly line in Teiho, Japan.

This generation of battery has gone through quiet testing for three years in Japan, North America, and Europe to vet its performance in varying climates and conditions.

This month, Toyota will be delivering 350 Prius' with this battery pack in them to Japanese and European business and governmental partners.

In January-February of 2010, 150 of these new Prius models will arrive in the U.S. where they'll be placed with select partners throughout the States.

This first slew of vehicles will have data retrieval devices so that Toyota can monitor how the vehicles perform and gain feedback on the real-world use of the car and batteries.

The standard 2010 model Prius will still be using the NiMH batteries the car is using in 2009.

And so ...

Toyota is preparing to the take the li-ion plunge after all.

Photo credits: Toyota

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