1 in 4 Buick LaCrosse Buyers Chooses eAssist Model

2012 LaCrosse Ecotec with eAssist

In brief: GM says one in four 2012 LaCrosse buyers are buying the hybrid eAssist model.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: LaCrosse w/ eAssist
Manufacturer: Buick

The word

In February alone, one in four buyers chose the eAssist option, an all-time high. Retail sales of the car were up 24.9% in February and nearly 1 in 3 California buyers of the 2012 LaCrosse chose eAssist.

The technology gives the full-sized luxury sedan a mileage rating of 36mpg highway, making it on par with many compacts.

Many buyers, says GM, are coming from other premium brands like Audi and Lexus, bypassing the better-known nameplates for the better efficiency of the LaCrosse.

The eAssist technology couples a small lithium-ion battery pack coupled to a small motor to aid in performance in a mild-hybrid scenario. Start-stop and other added tech further increase efficiency.

And so ...

Buick sales histories show that smaller, 4-cylinder models became popular when gasoline prices spiked, but dropped off when they were averaged.

Photo credits: Buick

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