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Hybrid Car News Page 8

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Hybrid Cars Featured at New York Auto Show

With gas prices on the rise, hybrid automobiles are taking center stage at this week's New York Auto Show. Some automakers are revamping old models, w... Read More


Hyundai Hybrid Car

Almost every car company has at least one hybrid vehicle in its fleet. Hyundai joined the hybrid crowd this year with its 2011 Sonata -- and the compa... Read More


First Fast-Charged Plug-in Hybrid Bus Debuts in Sweden

In brief: A fast-charged hybrid bus has debuted on the streets of Umea, Sweden using a new charging station called the Busbaar. The word In ... Read More


BMW Brilliance Shows Prototype PHEV Sedan for Chinese Market

In brief: BMW's joint venture partner Brilliance China Automotive has presented a concept plug-in hybrid sedan based on the BMW 5 Series Sedan (long w... Read More


Chevy Mi-ray Roadster Hybrid Concept Debuts at Seoul

In brief: The Mi-ray Concept was unveiled at the Seoul Motor Show and was developed at GM's Advanced Design Studio there, combining hybrid propulsion ... Read More


Milestone: 1 Millionth Toyota Prius Sold in U.S.

A milestone for the groundbreaking Prius hybrid -- Toyota announced on Wednesday that it had sold its one millionth Prius in the United States. "Pr... Read More


Putin Drives a Yo-mobile to Medvedev's House

In brief: Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin drove the new hybrid prototype for 10 kilometers to meet with President Medvedev outside of Moscow. ... Read More


Fisker Karma Finally Enters Production

In brief: After a long delay, the Fisker Karma is finally under production in Fisker's contracted Finnish plant. Vehicle in the news Make/Model:... Read More


Toyota Resumes Prius Production, Delays Wagon

As Japan slowly gets back to normal following the earthquake and tsunami, Toyota has announced that it will resume production of its popular Prius hyb... Read More


Porsche Taking Pre-Orders for 918 Spyder PHEV at Under $1M

In brief: The Porsche 918 Spyder plug-in hybrid electric vehicle made a huge splash at Geneva and is now offered in limited numbers for pre-purchase a... Read More


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