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Hybrid Car News Page 7


Jaguar to Build Hybrid C-X75 Supercar

Jaguar announced last week that it will build a hybrid supercar that will cost more than $1 million. According to a report in Automotive News, Jagu... Read More


The Rock Says This: Grow a Pair Before Driving a Hybrid

In brief: Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson advises would-be Prius owners to "grow a pair" before getting into a hybrid car. The word Famous for his... Read More


Toyota Prius: High Demand, Short Supply

The combination of high gas prices and the March earthquake in Japan has left the popular Toyota Prius in short supply, which means many people who wa... Read More


Suzuki Introduces Hybrid Kizashi

In brief: The American Suzuki Motor Corp unveiled a concept gasoline-electric variant of its Kizashi sedan at the New York International Auto Show. ... Read More


GM Introduces Buick Envision PHEV SUV Concept

In brief: General Motors introduced the Buick Envision plug-in hybrid SUV concept in China at Auto Shanghai 2011. Vehicle in the news Make/Model... Read More


Audi Introduces Compact Q3 SUV Micro-Hybrid

In brief: Audi introduced the Q3 compact SUV which features three engine options, regenerative braking and start-stop technology. Vehicle in the ne... Read More


Peugeot SXC Concept Shown in Shanghai

In brief: The SXC concept is a crossover with a 4x4 hybrid powertrain designed in Peugeot's Chinese studio. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: SXC ... Read More


Hybrid Cars Featured at New York Auto Show

With gas prices on the rise, hybrid automobiles are taking center stage at this week's New York Auto Show. Some automakers are revamping old models, w... Read More


Hyundai Hybrid Car

Almost every car company has at least one hybrid vehicle in its fleet. Hyundai joined the hybrid crowd this year with its 2011 Sonata -- and the compa... Read More


First Fast-Charged Plug-in Hybrid Bus Debuts in Sweden

In brief: A fast-charged hybrid bus has debuted on the streets of Umea, Sweden using a new charging station called the Busbaar. The word In ... Read More


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