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Hybrid Car News Page 6

Breaking News


Nissan Kills its Only Hybrid, the Altima

Nissan is going out of the hybrid car business, for now, anyway. The company announced it will stop selling the Altima Hybrid, its only gas-electric h... Read More


2011 Volt Gets 5-Star NHTSA Safety Rating

In brief: The 2011 Chevrolet Volt has received a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's New Car Assessment Pro... Read More


Ford, Honda, Others Say California HOV Perk for Hybrids Should End

In brief: Ford and Honda have joined other alt-fuel vehicle advocates who are calling for the State of California to end high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) ... Read More


Quantum Fuel Contracted To Deliver 100 Hybrid Fords to Dow Chemical

In brief: Quantum Fuel Systems has won a contract with Dow Chemical to deliver more than 100 Ford F-150 plug-in hybrid trucks powered by the Dow Kokam... Read More


Mercedes-Benz Delivers 2 of 8 Planned Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid Buses

In brief: Mercedes-Benz has delivered 2 of a planned 8 Citargo G BlueTec Hybrid transit buses to the Dresden Transport Company in Germany. Vehic... Read More


Coming Soon: Bigger Toyota Prius V Hybrid

Many people who may have wanted to buy a Prius shied away from it because its cargo space is limited. Well, get ready for the bigger Prius V. "Many... Read More


PowerGenix Introduces Nickel-Zinc Batteries for Micro-Hybrids

In brief: PowerGenix, which manufactures high-performance Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, has produced a battery to be marketed specifically to the new ... Read More


Volkswagen Aims for 261 MPG with Diesel-Electrics

In brief: Volkswagen has put a lot into clean-diesel technology and is now working towards production of its XL1 plug-in hybrid diesel-electric, capab... Read More


Hydraulic Hybrid School Bus Prototype to Debut in Atlanta

In brief: Ford, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Atlanta Public School System have joined forces to build a hydraulic hybrid school bus. ... Read More


Toyota Says Prius V Still On Track, Despite Japanese Earthquakes

In brief: Toyota Motors Sales USA has announced that the Prius V hybrid wagon is still on track for U.S. delivery this fall. The word The announce... Read More


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