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Hybrid Car News Page 6


2011 Volt Gets 5-Star NHTSA Safety Rating

In brief: The 2011 Chevrolet Volt has received a 5-star safety rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's New Car Assessment Pro... Read More


Ford, Honda, Others Say California HOV Perk for Hybrids Should End

In brief: Ford and Honda have joined other alt-fuel vehicle advocates who are calling for the State of California to end high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) ... Read More


Quantum Fuel Contracted To Deliver 100 Hybrid Fords to Dow Chemical

In brief: Quantum Fuel Systems has won a contract with Dow Chemical to deliver more than 100 Ford F-150 plug-in hybrid trucks powered by the Dow Kokam... Read More


Mercedes-Benz Delivers 2 of 8 Planned Citaro G BlueTec Hybrid Buses

In brief: Mercedes-Benz has delivered 2 of a planned 8 Citargo G BlueTec Hybrid transit buses to the Dresden Transport Company in Germany. Vehic... Read More


Coming Soon: Bigger Toyota Prius V Hybrid

Many people who may have wanted to buy a Prius shied away from it because its cargo space is limited. Well, get ready for the bigger Prius V. "Many... Read More


PowerGenix Introduces Nickel-Zinc Batteries for Micro-Hybrids

In brief: PowerGenix, which manufactures high-performance Nickel-Zinc (NiZn) batteries, has produced a battery to be marketed specifically to the new ... Read More


Volkswagen Aims for 261 MPG with Diesel-Electrics

In brief: Volkswagen has put a lot into clean-diesel technology and is now working towards production of its XL1 plug-in hybrid diesel-electric, capab... Read More


Hydraulic Hybrid School Bus Prototype to Debut in Atlanta

In brief: Ford, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Atlanta Public School System have joined forces to build a hydraulic hybrid school bus. ... Read More


Toyota Says Prius V Still On Track, Despite Japanese Earthquakes

In brief: Toyota Motors Sales USA has announced that the Prius V hybrid wagon is still on track for U.S. delivery this fall. The word The announce... Read More


Chrysler Beginning 140-unit Test Fleet of Ram Plug-in Hybrids

In brief: Chrysler is deploying the first 20 of a planned 140-truck fleet of Ram pickup plug-in hybrids. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Ram PHE... Read More


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